Kenny Young Jersey What Would Our Founding Fathers Think? – Forsyth Park Baptist Church in Winston Salem NC

What Would Our Founding Fathers Think?

The Founding Fathers of our Nation made it clear that their intent was to establish a Christian United States.  All of the original thirteen colonies in their early charters, had a requirement that all who held public office were to be believers.  These charters became constitutions as we formed the United States.  Each new state had their own wording, but all required professing Bible believers in every elective office.

What would they think about our Government today?  The Bible is not allowed in places and prayers cannot mention the name of Jesus.  The Ten Commandments are considered not “politically correct”.  The freedoms w have cherished are being lost very rapidly.

As a Pastor called of God, I pray for courage and wisdom to speak out against the attempt to destroy scriptural Christianity.  Likewise, I pray for courage and wisdom to stand for the same values that our Founding Fathers loved enough to die for.

God Bless You ALL and God Bless America!

Pastor Tom

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